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Technology makes the people’s life simpler, Using technology in banking is like two sides of the coin. It contains both the good and bad. The evolution of banks is giving a more comfort to their loyal customers.


Banks has slightly transformed their banking operations from Branch to the ATM’s, then developing from the ATM’s to Internet Banking. Now it is more significant into Mobile banking for customers handy support.

By using mobile banking facilities, the customer can send money to any bank branches in India as their personal computer. The customer can know about their basic account details like account balance, last transactions, etc., by sending the SMS.

Ex: – If you have a mobile banking with icici bank you can transfer money to other banks also like ing Vysya bank branches, Karur Vysya bank branches, Kotak Mahindra bank branch, etc.,

Here are some tips to make a secure transaction on mobile banking.

Use Strong Password

You need a PIN number or Password to access the mobile banking, and you can generate quickly through your mobile banking application. Ensure that you don’t have any obvious passwords like mobile number, DOB, your name or any of your family member names.

Scammers will easily assume those kinds of passwords, and It will lead them to access your account without any permission. Changing your password for frequently is good.

Avoid Public Networks

Don’t use your Mobile Banking through some of the public Wifi spots, like a Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Airports, etc. You may avoid those kinds of usages unless it is very essential. The possibility of data theft is more in those kinds of public Wifi networks.

Use Separate Account

If you are still not satisfied with the security of mobile banking. You may open the separate bank account for your mobile banking and maintain the low balance. In case any fraudulent, your loss might be a very low.

Delete Junks

Sometimes for a safe and secure mobile banking, you have to delete the chain and junk messages in a regular manner.


Mobilr Junk Cleaning

Storing Personal Data

This is very important because that you should not store credit/debit card numbers, or your mobile pin number or CVV number in your mobile.

Turn Off Settings

 Always turn off your bluetooth, Wi Fi or GPS when they are not in use. Try to avoid shared networks in the unknown place.

Quick Log out

You should always get out from your mobile banking process or from the application as soon as it gets completed.







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